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A digital media art aggregator. Finds cover art for music, tv shows, movies or any other type of media. Searches different sources including Google Images, Yahoo Images, Live Images, Deviant Art, and Walmart. Additional sources can be customized by defining the url to

This was initially influenced by Album Art Aggregator, which hasn't been updated in over 2 years. I needed more then to be able to just search for album art from I wanted a utility that could search for media cover art from just about any source, either by coding a new search provider in a language like C#, or by defining a url and a regular expression to find the images.
  • Supported Search Providers
    • Google Images
    • Yahoo Images
    • Microsoft Live Images
    • Flickr (FlickrNET)
    • Deviant Art
    • Custom Regex Provider
    • Have more ideas? leave a message in the discussion page or create a work item

This project uses the BugTracking Library from the CCNetConfig project to submit bugs automatically to codeplex.


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